5 Black-Owned Businesses redefining 'Nude' - for Women of ALL Skin-Tones.

Now more than ever, it has become very important for Black-Owned Businesses to rise up and support their community. Maybe you haven’t been conscious enough in the past to research the workforce behind the brands you love. But now, brands all over the world are being called to action on their staff framework to ensure they do indeed offer and accept black and other ethnic minorities into their businesses - including some of your favourites! The incredible movement has awakened companies and corporations to the lack of diversity in their workforce at all levels and sparked change and motivation to create more opportunities for people of colour.

The recognition brands have received inspired me to make a post of our own to recognise inspiring 5 Black-Owned Businesses that (like AM:PM) are based on women of colour. The brands highlighted in this post range from fashion intimates to clothing and are some of the few that we know of doing amazing things in the black community by helping women to feel sexy, powerful and in love with their skin. These brands have tapped into the power of each individual's skin tone and created products specifically for women of colour. Kudos to the brand owners - doesn’t get more exciting than this!

We highly recommend and encourage you to click the links provided to learn more as well as doing more research so you are more conscious about where you shop and which businesses you are willing to support.

N‎ünude: Nude Skin matching Underwear and Apparel

Now this is a brand that means business! I remember the first time I came across this brand. They had made headlines in the Daily Mail after protesting in N‎ünude underwear outside Victoria’s Secret in London’s Oxford Street - in the cold of December, might I add. They spoke for a majority of women by expressing their frustrations whilst demanding diversity from brands in the fashion industry so they would consider the various body types as well as ethnic minorities in their lines. N‎ünude was founded in 2017 and has since grown to become the go-to brand for their 5 skin-tones of nude, redefining the meaning altogether. (We mean this literally by the way, as the founder of N‎ünude successfully ran a petition to change the definition of ‘Nude’ in the Oxford dictionary) - insane and rightly so!

Visit N‎ünude -

Nubian Skin: Nude Hosiery & Lingerie for POC

Another favourite of ours, Nubian Skin is a brand that specialises in must-have intimates, hosiery and swimwear for People of Colour. I'm sure we can all agree, shopping for underwear gets a little dull when you wanna play it 'safe' but 'safe' is limited to black, blue or burgundy. Nubian Skin changed the game by creating products in shades that closely resemble the skin tones of real women. Ranging from pretty, lace bras to bralettes to brief and comfortable boy shorts (yes ladies, no more stealing your partner's shorts!) in 4 shades there is something in the Nubian Skin collection that you see and immediately must have because you know just how amazing it would look on your skin. The best part about this brand - they now cater for Men too!

Visit Nubian Skin -

Nude Barre: Flesh Tone Hosiery, Thongs & Fishnets

Those who are familiar with the word 'Barre' will know exactly how exciting this is; yes finally there are now long-lasting, nude intimates made for dance & performance! Some of us may have seen or experienced it - the brown skinned girl wearing black fishnet tights in her work uniform due to the hardship for not having an option between that and beige. This called a need for skin-matching and/or transparent, undergarments. For several years, women of colour in ballet would spend hours dying or spray-painting tights and shoes yet it still didn't solve the problem - POC were not considered in the manufacture of dance uniform/underwear. This birthed Nude Barre, where tights and other suitable undergarments can be easily found and matched to the 12 shades that are available. I absolutely love this brand for considering a demographic which some (including myself) often forget!

Visit Nude Barre -

Sincerely Nude: Nude Clothing for All Skin Tones

Here's something you don't see often - Nude clothing for all skin tones! Sincerely Nude was made for women of colour who are not able to find 'Nude' clothing that actually fits their skin tone. In every multicultural environment, it is easy to see the mixture if skin tone from one person to the next. Yet still, there is that struggle to actually find clothing that gives you the simple, sleek and bare look you may be going for. If you type in 'Nude Clothing' in google right now, you might find shades described as cream, beige or camel - these limitations can be a trip sometimes! This is where Sincerely Nude steps in. With 4 shades of nude for Brown and Dark skinned women, this brand offers separates and one pieces that are fun, flirty and enhance your natural skin tone from sizes XS - 2XL.

Visit Sincerely Nude -

AloNuko: Bespoke British Fashion, Waist Snatchers & Corsets.

I'm branching off into a Black-Owned Business I recently discovered - AloNuko. At first glance, AloNuko is initially a brand that specialises in Bridal and Evening wear. After doing some more digging, I found out they branched into providing waist snatchers and corsets too! This was an exciting find for me personally as I had also not thought of the inconvenience of such undergarments that were hardly available in any colour other than black or the standard 'nude'. AloNuko's structured underwear ranges in 5 shades that I feel perfectly cover the need for this product, in combination with the perfect gown for the special occasion.

Visit AloNuko -

There are so many other Black-Owned Businesses I could have mentioned but I wanted to make this post specifically for the Black-Owned Business community who are not satisfied with the current standards of diversity and lack of inclusiveness in the fashion industry and have since actively created awareness through their brands. AM:PM is now also a part of the 'embrace your Nude/Skin tone' community and I hope through the love of fashion we can all contribute to the movement of supporting and empowering Black Businesses just as we do other fast fashion brands - as well as cancelling out prejudice and racism in the process.

I’d love to hear about any new Black-Owned Businesses so don’t be shy, connect with me on socials below. Just mention the AM:PM Luxury Journal to strike up a conversation via Instagram DM or drop a comment down below and I’ll get back to you.

Take care of yourself.



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