Top 5 Accessories for Ladies of Luxury

We at AM:PM believe all women that aspire to live a luxurious lifestyle have the capacity to be the best versions of themselves and sometimes it starts with just a sprinkle of effort. It’s very easy to get lost, spending hours trying to find the perfect outfit for your day to day style and forgetting about the details. Yet, how you accessorise can instantly elevate your outfit and give you an instant boost of confidence on any given day. Sometimes your detailed picks and quality of accessories matter even more than your outfit!

Now, this can vary depending on your mood and personal style but there is no denying some accessories are absolutely essential and key to highlighting just how great your outfit is. With a worldwide, increased interest in the sustainable fashion movement, which I can’t help but love, it’s only right to mention you should try to shop more consciously - which is easier than you think when it comes to accessories as it comes down to investing in quality products, buying locally and knowing your brands (or exploring new brands with great ethical, moral, humanitarian or environmental standards).

Don’t worry if this all seems foreign to you right now, I’m going to fill you in on the Top 5 Essential Accessories for Ladies of Luxury and give you a mixture of elite and affordable brands you can check out in the process.


Every important person knows they can’t leave their house without the classiest wristband of all time. Watches are a statement piece - one of the biggest in fact. Whether your energy is more masculine or feminine, you can communicate your sense of style and personality based on the brand or strap style alone. I too have made the mistake of leaving my watch at home, using my phone as an alternative for timekeeping. Other than the fact that reaching for your phone from your handbag or pocket can be somewhat inconvenient, you also pass on a chance to show your sophisticated, powerful and successful side. That’s a lot of character to come from one timepiece! Below are some watch brands you can browse to add to or start your collection today:

Picture 1 - Benson by Marcel -

Picture 2 - Vitae London -


From blocking people peering into our souls to hiding our bad make up days (and hangovers if we're being honest), sunglasses are easily the coolest and most adaptable accessory on this list. I don't think anyone can deny the instant mysterious effect of sunglasses combined with all the different shapes and sizes that we love so much. They have become so much of a statement that it is still socially acceptable to wear sunglasses even when the sun isn't shining! (Yes Londoners, this one is for you, it's okay, you can still peer over the rim of your cat-eye's sitting halfway down the bridge of your nose whilst grabbing a Starbucks in December and make it look luxe). This is definitely an essential accessory and sometimes all you need to complete your outfit. We recommend minimal earrings when wearing sunglasses for a more luxe look. Click the links below for some of our favourite picks:

Picture 1 - Retrosuperfuture -

Picture 2 - Quay Australia -

Card Holder

Ladies, remember when we used to search for the perfect 3-part bulky purse to fit all our, cards, cash, coins, polaroids, birth certificate & lip gloss? Yes, let's keep that in the past. Card holders are by far our favourite luxury accessory and to be honest, I don't know why it didn't catch on earlier. Ladies, I for one believe Women of class should never jingle and most certainly do not need to carry their lives with them everywhere. Card holders have helped to simplify and organise our handbags and cut down the mess to what we really need on a day to day. In our new-age technology-driven world, a credit card, debit (or business card) and your ID will get you through the day. The lighter you are, the less you carry, the more confident and at ease you feel. For an extra special touch, some brands offer personalised card holders:

Picture 1 - Aspinal of London -

Picture 2 - Acne Studios -


Aka the second most loved accessory by every woman worldwide (after shoes of course) and one of the key ways for someone that loves you to work their way back into your heart. It seems every Woman's handbag collection never stops growing and although I am all for investing in sustainable staple accessories, I don't blame you. It's hard to find THE handbag that goes with most outfits when there are just so many to choose from. Our advice - have one black, one large, one mini and one shopper. After that you can invest according to your personal taste from the bucket to the baguette, the city and cross body - but do pay attention to the colours you choose. If you like a pop of colour in your outfit, here is where you can play around with your looks. Below are links to some of our favourite handbags at the moment:

Picture 1 - JW PEI -

Picture 2 - LTL London -


Finally, the favourite and the best accessory in our eyes - shoes! Flats, heels, trainers/sneakers, boots, mules, sandals - all of them! An individuals footwear is often the first contact we make with someone we meet for the first time as it signifies a lot yet is not given the attention it deserves. Footwear gives a very high sense of class, style, and appeal. Also our feet work hard for us daily, we have to take care of what we put them in! As a Luxury footwear brand, one of the many beliefs we will always promote is footwear is an investment, not a trend. Buy what you believe in and what you know will still be in good condition 5 years from now when taken care of. AM:PM London promotes comfortable heels for Women without compromising on style and aims to be much more in the future (dropped a breadcrumb for you there..):

AM:PM London -

Seezona -

Some of these may be hard transitions, especially when you have become accustomed to being over-prepared all the time but I do encourage you do ditch all the extra bits you carry 'just in case' and opt for these accessories that will have you feeling and looking expensive. Women of Luxury are not weighed down by material things - I mean this quite literally. You have to start the cleanse and letting go of the old and bulky to make room for the new, classy and effortless details that really matter when dressing up. All these accessories are staples for a reason, you can never go wrong, even if you wear just 2 or 3 in any outfit. Remember to always buy less and invest more in what you really want. Save for that quality watch or card holder if you know it will make you feel like the elite Woman you are.



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