Why should you #BuyBlack this Black Friday?

Another year, another manic week leading up to the infamous Black Friday sales!

Many of you are preparing for a chance to grab the items you've had on your wishlist for months and purchase your Christmas presents early - we're sure the CORE and ARIA heels are on that list too! This year has been a game-changer in the fashion industry (to say the least) and with new movements and uprisings, the attention has been drawn to a more conscious behaviour when shopping - including buying from brands that are Eco-friendly, Ethically manufactured, Sustainable, Green and so on. Along with these, one of the most important agenda's that has reached a new peak this year is investing in Black-Owned Businesses.

Explore the ARIA collection from AM:PM London

This #BlackFriday, we encourage everyone to make a conscious effort in supporting Black-Owned Businesses buy doing more research and investing in the pieces you love with the same energy and admiration you may already have for high-end Designer labels. Shopping with Black-Owned Businesses is not a trend sparked from a serious of unfortunate events but an intentional willingness to support the movement of a community that has lacked several opportunities and usually has more hurdles to overcome than most.

In October 2020, The Black Report was released in partnership with Google for Startups which proved Black-Owned Businesses are likely to be self-funded.

"The Report is the first of its kind and explores the journey of early stage pre-seed Black founders based in London and aims to delve into the stories of Black founders, who they are and what hurdles they may face." - Vamp PR

The Black report also showed evidence that 88% of Black founders self-fund for their startups, committing an average of £14k. The statistics are inevitable in showing just how much of a difference there is in Black-Owned businesses vs. other demographics and the unique challenges Black founders face yet remain committed to achieving their goals, investing as much capital as they can - some even with the help of friends and family. Being a Black Business owner is still seen as a risk. 2020 has opened many doors but also highlighted the genuine difficulties in becoming a successful Black-Owned business no matter where you're business is based.

Luckily, more and more people are aware of the importance in investing in Black-Owned businesses on the front and back-end. We at AM:PM London and encouraging you as a consumer to make a small effort in a big way by going back to all those saved Instagram posts you saw, the tweet that you liked and the compilation posts and blogs with hundreds of Black-Owned businesses you can order something from this #BlackFridayWeekend. You can change a Black founders life, no matter how small your purchase is. Your investment keeps Black Businesses like AM:PM standing tall and continuing to supply your demand.

Thank you for reading and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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